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We are always looking for new colleagues that would like to join our team! So we have a many job opportunities for external opportunities for you as a Bright Young Professional and we have three vacancies for internal job opportunities. Click here to read more about the internal vacancies.

External oppurtunities

Starters role Quants

You’ll be responsible for the daily valuation of multiple portfolio’s and related risk reporting. You’ll have a steep learning curve and you will become an pricing expert of a wide range of financial instruments.

The department contains a mix of Senior experts and Young professionals and you’ll have the possibility to grow towards a senior positions within your division or department.

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Starters role Operations

In this role you are responsible for the daily transaction process of Financial products. You are expected to  engage with the day-to-day affairs, this includes the following activities:

  • Execution of currency transactions;
  • Picking up mismatches;
  • Perform daily checks;
  • Thinking and improving processes.
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Starters role Data Management

You will be responsible for process related to finance & risk data warehouses. That means you manage changes to the systems to meet new rules and regulations. You will be analyzing, understand and approve changes.

  • You are the communication link between various stakeholders, reporting teams and IT staff. You make sure that they’re included in the change processes;
  • Understanding and approval of changing in the functionalities and data, collaborating with IT and the Financial experts;
  • Managing risk in the data delivery chain;
  • Optimize efficiency of the process in the monitoring of DATA.
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