Our Services

Bright YP is a part of BrightStone Group. Our services have common ground, with one important difference: Bright YP focuses on young international talent.

BrightStone Group

BrightStone Group is a niche consultancy and project management and interim solutions firm, that provides knowledge and expertise in the areas of finance, risk, data and compliance.  BrightStone Group was founded in 2013 and helps small and large Dutch and multinational business to better manage, coordinate and control their obligations.

In 2017 the BrightStone Group team was rewarded with the prestigious ‘FD Gazellen award 2018’ for being one of the fastest growing companies in the consulting and advisory sector in the Netherlands.

Bright YP

In recent years clients have started to ask for Bright talented, and international Young professionals. This specific need largely came from departments in finance, shared service centers, operations, data management, financial risk management and compliance.  Investing in Bright young talent seemed like a logical step. Bright YP is growing rapidly. We provide a culture of learning and support where our talents can discover their true potential.  The world is changing rapidly and we align our services and support accordingly.